How to get your first shift now (psst it’s easy)

We’ve heard chabbers telling us that they’ve had a tough time getting that first shift on Chabber. Luckily we found that with just a few pieces of good advice these chabbers got started! We want to help you too, and that’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to teaching you how to get that first shift NOW.

Before we get started

We’d like to start by sharing the number one reason why some chabbers have a hard time getting started: they simply do not request enough shifts. Once that first shift is confirmed the next ones are going to be easy to get. Therefore, get in there and get started (right here) using the bulletproof advices below.

Okay, let’s get to it

1. Request ALL the shifts you’d like

There’s no limit to the amount of shifts you can request. Hence, you should be requesting all the shifts you want. When you’re confirmed we’ll automatically withdraw your other applications that interfere with the confirmed shift. You might as well get started now, right here.

2. Download our app

With our app in your pocket you’ll receive daily notifications with all the shifts relevant to you, and it’ll take you seconds to request the ones you prefer.

3. Be ready in busy months

May, June, August, September, November and December are crazy busy so you better be ready to work in these months because they’re the perfect months to kick start your profile.

4. Complete you profile

Most chabbers fill out all steps in their profile so if you didn’t you’re at a disadvantage. Fill out all steps in order to present your profile in the best possible way!

That’s it. We’re pretty confident that if you follow our advice you’ll be kicking ass as an active chabber in no time. If you have questions or want advice on shifts that you are highly likely to be confirmed for go to and hit us up in the chat! We look forward to seeing you get that first shift.

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